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My name is Heidi, and I have been a Solitary Practitioner for over twenty-five years.

Welcome to The White Witches Pantry, where the spirit of Old World Magic transcends with magical handcrafted witch wares, magical offerings, handmade candles, herbal alchemy and so much more.  Each of my formulations is a selected blending of ingredients from my personal grimoire. Sacred oils, blessed herbs, natural crystals, resins, heartwoods, and focused intent, bound together with all-natural organic alchemical ingredients with Old World spirit

A witch by nature, I love creating. I enjoy experimenting with new mediums whenever possible, that’s why you will find a myriad of different offerings in the shop. I have a strong connection, appreciation and love of animals, the earth mother, nature, and the forest. I feel a profound connection to the moon and fuse my oils and herbal blends under the moon at nightfall, by candlelight, where I can peacefully create my magical items to share with you, drawing strength and creativity from her natural light and divine ethereal energy.

The products I make are Hand blended by me. Herbal formulas that I blend on the appropriate day for planetary energy, formulas that I've devised myself. I also use stones that I know work well together with the herbs contained within. I only use high quality organic herbs and essential oils.


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