Shop Disclaimer

When working with metaphysical elements, one must have an open mind & allow their mental state to go to a higher frequency. For some, this can take more practice than others, however, everyone is capable of manifesting greatness. Many of our products help to promote manifestation on a desire, thus opening your mind to something greater & subconsciously welcoming the outcome; this is the basic fundamentals of magick. With this said, we cannot guarantee change in a certain area of your life solely off our products. It takes YOU to work with our products in a positive mindset & to project the outcome. Our products are charged with the natural energy of multiple crystals mixed with the properties of select herbs suited for each need. By raising your frequencies to a higher state you can begin to tap into your inner self / third eye, putting you into a calmly awakened spiritual mindset. This is the goal, to help our customers understand the beauty of the earth & spirit beyond what they currently see.

~ Blessed Be ~ Namaste ~